Google Maps Business View

Invite customers inside your business

With Google Maps Business View, customers can interact with your business in a fresh new way. Showcase your business and show your customers all the unique details they want to see! The same technology behind Google Maps Street View is now available for the inside your business.

Enhance your Google Place Page

As well as a virtual tour of your business, your Google Maps Business View Photo shoot includes a selection of featured photos which are shown on your Google Places page and in Google Search results. The Google Maps Business View program and Google+ Local brings you an easy and unique way to find new customers using fully interactive, 360 degree panoramic tours of your business – with the resulting photographs and tours appearing on your Google Places page, featured next to your search results and within Google Maps. These tours and photographs can also be embedded within your own site and shared on Facebook or any other social media.




Stand out on Google search results

When your business is shown in a Google Search result, your new customers will see your virtual panoramic tour and business photos. Along with the panoramic tour, Google Maps Business View Photos also includes a set of featured photos (POI’s) which showcase the unique details your clients are looking for. Getting started is easy: either email or call a qualified Google Trusted Photographer in your area to schedule a time and agree on a price that you will pay for the photography. The photo-shoot requires only an hour or so, can be done around your customers, and within 5 to 7 business days, your virtual tour will be live on Google Maps (business address verification required). It’s just that simple!



View your images on Google Maps


Just like in a Google Search result, Google Maps will show your business’s panoramic, virtual tour which invites new customers to take a look inside your business and learn more about what makes your business stand out.

The Google Maps Business View program is perfect for any business. With an interactive virtual tour, your business will connect users to content that engages, educates, and entertains.

Google’s “street view on the inside” provides an experience that brings life to the term virtual tourism.

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